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Live Chat & SEX!!

Live Chat has been around for as long as I can remember using the internet, and trust me that’s some years, although thankfully its changed a LOT from the early awful live chat days…now its faster, better & a lot more trans use then!.


Accessing live chat for most is the second most popular feature after checking messages, new members & probably sending messages to contacts, OK 4th LOL.. But meeting up and finding new contacts via live Trans Chat does offer a great way to find new contacts.


Most of us at some stage will have used a live chatroom, and have understanding how chatrooms work, and most of all just how fast chat moves to welcomes and conversations going on between members. But if you are new, its easy to access and within a few minutes you’ll be up to speed talking live with admirers and Transgenders.

Dont Be Shy!!

So many when accessing a Trans live chatroom prefer to sit on the outside looking in and reading postings & comments from members, which can be interesting reading postings and meeting up and asking where they are from.


But its easy access to members personals from live chat that makes ours so popular being able to read what type of hookup they are looking for along with viewing members photos and if you are lucky checking videos out.


When you move past just reading and chatting that’s when Trans Live chat becomes so much more fun chatting to local contacts and hopefully finding new contacts ether Transgender or admirers. Just don’t be shy and say “hello”

Members Don’t' bite

But some can spam…sadly like any system some people join for other reasons than just chatting which is why we monitor the chatrooms having moderators keeping a watchful eye of postings. But for your own safety never post up personals details such as address and phone numbers.


When entering live Trans chat, we do have a few rules like any types of chat room and social networking platform and these have been set up for your protection and to ensure it flows smoothly, please read and then join the conversations

Fun & Live

We have lots of Transgenders and admirers that are more than happy to chat, some will want a lot more hopefully if local, but using live Transgender chat is a great way to meet with others explore the Transgender community.


Join us and post your personals advert and find new friends! And better still engage in naughty chat which if you want to get VERY naughty se to a private room for one on one fun

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