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Trans Selfies, it’s an art! Some know just the way to hold the phone and produce a transgender Selfie that shouts out sex appeal, others myself included get awful selfies and will often shout out to friends asking for help!


One thing that is clear to this admirer is that Transgenders have the art of getting a great selfie down to a fine art, all you need do is check out some of the example Trans selfies above and see these members know how to tick every box…


But if you are knew to personals and dating sites and maybe have never tried getting a decent selfie then hopefully these tips will get you going in the right direction, because the difference between a hot sexy selfie or not is often fewer messages from members.


When it comes to amazing selfies you only have to look towards Instagram and check out some of the trans photos and see straight away just how HOT they are!! But for most of these photos these have just been taken by following a few simple photography rules & guides.


Fortunately for all of us normal looking admirers and transgenders you don’t need to be a TS model or even be that naturally photogenic to get an eye-catching perfect selfie. So, how about we look behind the secrets to a sexy selfie.


Hold the Phone at your best angle – If you hold the camera at the wrong angle this can cause double chins, if a full body selfie (dressed or naked!!) make sure the phone is pointing directly at you


Best Viewpoint – we all have a good side, take a few photos from different angles and see which looks the best, if you are not sure ask some friends which one works the best.


Natural light NEVER FLASH – I’ll repeat that NEVER use flash. Natural light is very versatile standing by a window or in the garden will give you great light. Take a photo later in the day for a much warmer light. But stay out of harsh shadows as this doesn’t look good on trans selfies


Portrait Mode – If you have a busy background move the camera onto portrait mode as this will give the blurred background you often see in photos.


Cropping / Editing – No photo comes off the phone looking amazing. So try editing it, another trick is to crop the photo, so it doesn’t look like you are holding the phone, this looks cool

Posting Sex Selfies

Yep, it doesn’t stop at just your face, if you want to post adult selfies that’s fine, don’t forget you are not posting images onto Facebook, here we don’t have rules as everyone accessing the members section is over 18 and probably looking for SEX.


Posting Sex Selfies can be fun, but just make sure if your selfie includes another what ever they are doing make sure they are also happy about you uploading the sex selfie so others can see….

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